Eva & Henry

Torturous beloved fashion: the corset

A very small waist was the requirement of high fashion. Peterson’s Fashion Magazine, 1888.

Women endured the restrictive corset as required daily wear for centuries, and finally cast it off as World War One loomed.  Why did they endure dented organs and reduced lung capacity? Oh, the power of the desire to conform, and to actually excel in the conformity.  Look into your closets, ladies, and tell me,  how many pairs of high heels do you have?  Of course you know that these shoes are a podiatry surgeon’s dream. . . these are the shoes that keep him or her in an expensive sports car.  Bunions and crooked toes must be corrected after years of abuse if a human would like to keep on walking. And so, the modern woman is still very much a slave to fashion.

But back to lacing a corset.  Think about how much time it took to do it each day, and if you lived in a household with no other women, somehow, the inventive female mind would figure out how to lace her own corset behind her back.  Also think about how many things a woman did not do because of her reduced lung capacity thanks to the little portable prison in which her fashion kept her imprisoned. Women can order corsets today, but we use them more as a fashion statement or an occasional accessory, with a much more comfortable waist that does not damage organs, than as a necessary entree into polite society. Take a look through the Amazon portal below, and browse around to view modern versions of the corset.

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