Eva & Henry

The Cover Designer, Darren Wotherspoon

You’ve seen the marriage certificate, and perhaps you noticed that the etching on the lower front cover of Eva and Henry has been taken from the original marriage certificate. A quality scan was taken at Focal Point Studios in Orleans, Massachusetts, by photographer Robert Tucker, and then. . . my husband Jim Wolf used it to to mock up a book cover for me.

Well, Jim is good, but he is not a professional.  Eva and Henry had both required my attention for several years as I wrote their novel, and I decided that I needed a professional designer. I mentioned this to a friend, and she suggested an accomplished designer who creates the magazine covers for CHA. . . Cape Healing Arts Magazine, a quarterly publication.

I contacted the graphic designer. . . Darren Wotherspoon. . .  by his cell phone, which I had been given by my friend. I had no idea I was calling a man who had come all the way from Scotland to marry and live right in Wellfleet, very near the site of the old Southern Wharf on Blackfish Creek.   However, once I asked for his mailing address, I realized what an amazingly circular world we live in.  How else could one describe the situation?

Darren read my manuscript after his wife did, and he then proceeded to design several covers for the book. The final version is a result of his technical skill and fine listening powers. After making numerous changes for me, he delivered exactly what I wanted, for both the soft cover and the hard cover editions. So if YOU are in the market for a skilled  graphic artist and/or cover designer, please visit Darren’s website.  http://www.darrenwotherspoon.com/

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