Eva & Henry

Writer on the road

The Blackfeet Nation grazing range east of Glacier National Park, MT

I have recently driven myself from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Bigfork, Montana. The journey was introspective while at the same time being very much observant of the big wide country I live in, and love. I’ve driven this way before, but with my husband. This time I traveled solo with my dog Yoko. I noted my thoughts along the way in a tiny notebook that sat on the passenger seat. My scribbling, which was performed without me taking my eyes from the road, give the the memory jogs I needed so I could recreate the whole day at the end of every one of them, and write about it in my blog: www.capecodderinmontana.blogspot.com If you are curious about the roads traveled in late June/early July, 2011. . . and lots of pictures to boot, please go visit.

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