Eva & Henry

Independent Publisher’s Silver Award Winner

I am so very happy to report that “Eva and Henry, A Cape Cod Marriage” has jumped from the oft-times derided status of a self-published book to the perch of self-published award winners. A good friend and fellow writer Pam Mandell let me know by e-mail that she had heard the news the novel had won an IPPY 2011 Silver, and sent me the link so I could see for myself. I am so happy to report that the award is in the category of Best Regional Fiction for the North-East.  How wonderful!  I would not tell my husband until he was home from work so I could see the reaction on his face, and tears came to his eyes. .. he’s lived with me and the making of this book for five years now.

Now, not only are Eva and Henry up and out of their graves, they are walking arm in arm all over the North-East Region. I would really like to buckle down and be seriously consumed with writing my next novel, but here I go on the award trail down to New York City. Thank you everyone for your support!


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