Eva & Henry

Christmas Season, 2011

Christmas in the 1880′s was not the garish consumer feeding frenzy that it is today. It was a time to consider blessings and celebrate the birth of a savior. Attending church through the advent season was looked forward to by all.  I am so happy that I was able to present a reading at the very church in Wellfleet that Eva attended.  I say Eva, because the original Methodist Church burned down in the 1890′s, and  the replacement, which is now more than a century old, was known only to Eva; Henry had already been lost at sea.

It gave me goosebumps to read from the book while standing in front of the pipe organ that Eva listened to every Sunday, and I looked out at the pews, full of people a century removed from the folks that built the church. The light from the stained glass windows is always warm and rich, embracing and peaceful.  Do visit the Wellfleet Methodist Church whenever you have the chance.

I’ve also had the pleasure of visting several reading groups on Cape Cod.  Yes, I’m back!  I’ve driven across country once again, this time from Montana to Cape Cod.  I have salt water in my veins, and am always called back to the Cape.

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