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The never-ending housework!

I asked my grandmother in the 1970′s. . . I was twenty and she was in her sixties. . . what modern convenience in her kitchen did she appreciate the most. I was thinking she might mention the washing machine, the refrigerator, or the dish washer. She surprised me by saying, “Running water!” And then, “You have no idea, Irene, of what the word “housework” used to mean! Continue reading

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The South Wellfleet Railroad Station and General Store

When Eva Paine Smith was a little girl, the railroad was constructed through Wellfleet on its way to land’s end in Provincetown (1870′s).  This new, convenient mode of transportation enabled more frequent visits to friends and cousins in other towns,  … Continue reading

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Blackfish Drive sustains the entire village of South Wellfleet

This harvest of small whales happened in Blackfish Creek at the site of the Southern Wharf pier in South Wellfleet over a century ago. It was quite the bonanza to herd in so many at once, and all for the “melons” or the brains. Continue reading

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Writer on the road

I have recently driven myself from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Bigfork, Montana. The journey was introspective while at the same time being very much observant of the big wide country I live in, and love. I’ve driven this way before, … Continue reading

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June 11, 2011 Wellfleet Harborfest Reading

Press Release Author Irene Paine to read from her award-winning novel at Wellfleet Harborfest Wellfleet, MA:  On the W.H.A.T. Waterfront Stage, at 1:00 PM on June 11 at the first annual Wellfleet Harborfest, Irene Paine will read from her award-winning … Continue reading

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Independent Publisher’s Silver Award Winner

I am so very happy to report that “Eva and Henry, A Cape Cod Marriage” has jumped from the oft-times derided status of a self-published book to the perch of self-published award winners. A good friend and fellow writer Pam … Continue reading

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The Cover Designer, Darren Wotherspoon

You’ve seen the marriage certificate, and perhaps you noticed that the etching on the lower front cover of Eva and Henry has been taken from the original marriage certificate. A quality scan was taken at Focal Point Studios in Orleans, … Continue reading

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Schooner fishing, a dangerous occupation

A picture says a thousand words, and this old stereoscope card clearly shows the conditions faced by fishermen on a winter trip, and this was a clear, calm night.  Ice had to be chopped from the rigging to prevent the … Continue reading

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The Wedding Portraits

One of the leather bound photograph albums found in our family attic belonged to Eva’s mother, Sarah Rich Paine-   Mrs. Otis Paine.  Eva and Henry are placed facing away from one another, not towards each other, and that may have … Continue reading

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An Unsung Revolutionary War Hero

1886: In Chapter Two, Eva and her mother Sarah drove their buggy past the Second Congregational Church in South Wellfleet on their way to the Southern Wharf of Blackfish Creek.  Eva contemplates the headstone of John Taylor, a Revolutionary War … Continue reading

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