About Irene M. Paine

Irene M. Paine was brought up hearing stories about her hardy ancestors—intrepid sea captains from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the self-reliant women married to such men. Curious about the faces peering from old photographs in the family attic, Paine conducted research which led her from the South Wellfleet Cemetery to the Wellfleet Historical Society to the newspapers of the late 1800′s. Here in her first novel, Paine illuminates the joys and trials of her own great grandaunt, Eva Paine Smith, a sea captain’s bride. Irene

Ocean air clears the cobwebs.

Paine holds a B.A. from Rivier College and an M.S. from American University. She is married to storyteller Jim Wolf and is a mother and a grandmother. She lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and in Bigfork, Montana.

Mother Nature is her muse.

3 Responses to About Irene M. Paine

  1. Barbara Schweizer says:

    Dear Ms Paine
    re Eva and Henry, a Cape Cod Marriage
    Because all copies had been sold,you thoughtfully signed your book for me and sent it to the Eldredge Public following your presentation there . I ebjoyed it very much and will be discussing it with our small book group in my home next week I’ve been online hoping to find some of the photos you used in your presentation, with no success. Are there any online? I have found photos of the restoration of the Pond Hill School Also, I don’t remember from your talk if you actually had any of Eva’s journals or quilts she made. Do minutes of the Ladies Social Union survive?

    I wish I had been free to attend the talk in Sandwich. Thank you for giving us a very readable account of life in South Wellfleet in the late 19th century.

  2. Robin Kew says:

    Dear Irene Paine,
    I just finished reading your book and thought it was wonderful. I have been living in S Wellfleet for 33 yrs., and never knew much about the history of the town. It was so much joy reading about the town and the Pond Hill school and all the history. I certainly look at the town in a whole different light now.
    Thank you,
    Robin Kew

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Robin. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the restoring of the Pond Hill School House is a project well worth the investment by the Wellfleet taxpayers (through community preservation) and the state agencies that have contributed. I am posting a few pictures today of how the Railroad station area in South Wellfleet used to look during Eva’s time. All the best! Irene M. Paine

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