Walking tour of historic Paine Hollow, South Wellfleet

If you want to know more about the houses in the book Eva and Henry, A Cape Cod Marriage,  you should join us for a walking tour down historic Paine Hollow on June 15.  We will all meet at the head of Paine Hollow where it intersects the “jug handle” that connects it with Route Six.  This is called Way 112.  The walk will take up to two hours, and go to the end of Paine Hollow Road to Blackfish Creek and back again.

Parking is available by taking the original sandy road Old Paine Hollow Road up to the historic Pond Hill School, which is now being renovated. The tour will start at 10 AM, and be led by Jane Geisler, a 90-year old resident of Paine Hollow who is a descendant of the original Paines who lived there (therefore one of my distant cousins!) I look forward to her lecture on these Greek Revival treasures.  We will see the actual houses where Nettie, Sarah, Otis, Eva, Lewis, Henry, Charles, Lily, and Elizabeth lived.  See you there, I hope!

The head of Paine Hollow, these houses still stand.

The head of Paine Hollow, these houses still stand.

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