Writer on the road

Glacier National Park

The Blackfeet Nation grazing range east of Glacier National Park, MT

I have recently driven myself from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Bigfork, Montana. The journey was introspective while at the same time being very much observant of the big wide country I live in, and love. I’ve driven this way before, but with my husband. This time I traveled solo with my dog Yoko. I noted my thoughts along the way in a tiny notebook that sat on the passenger seat. My scribbling, which was performed without me taking my eyes from the road, give the the memory jogs I needed so I could recreate the whole day at the end of every one of them, and write about it in my blog: www.capecodderinmontana.blogspot.com If you are curious about the roads traveled in late June/early July, 2011. . . and lots of pictures to boot, please go visit.

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  1. cath67 says:

    Hello fellow road warrior! I thought I’d introduce myself. I, too, live in Montana but grew up in Wellfleet. Thank you so much for writing Eva and Henry. I just read your wonderful book last summer, and in doing so learned so much more about our sandy paradise on Cape Cod. I recently spent August and Sept. in Wellfleet, where I worked for my old friend, Lauren at Hatch’s Produce. Chuck Cole mentioned your book to me one morning when we were surfing, and from the moment I cracked the cover, I couldn’t put it down. As I adjusted to the cadence of language and daily concerns in the late 1800′s, I became fully engaged in the lives of your characters. I traced their whereabouts when I stopped by the S. Wellfleet General Store every morning to get my cup of coffee and catch up w/ folks. Maybe it was my own bittersweet journey of being on the Cape again for a substantial amount of time, while also spending time with a close friend who has received a terminal diagnosis, but something about your book deepened my sense of place and belonging in Wellfleet. Sort of a parallel story about self-discovery, love and loss. My family owned and ran the Moorings on Commercial St, until my mother had to sell the house in the mid 90′s when my Dad died. It was a long time ago, but I still feel very connected to that house and my family’s history there – complete with the ghost of the sea captain who built it! I believe his name was Capt. John Williams and he moored his schooner right in front of the house – the pilings are still there. Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying your life in Big Fork. I love Missoula and have a wonderful community here, but the sea tugs at my heart – so I keep my feet in both worlds. The eternal dilemma! Take care and congratulations on your huge accomplishment! Cathy Scribner

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